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Being able to represent Canada, travelling to 9 races in 6 countries on 3 continents and travelling literally around the world in 90 days was a long incredible journey. Of course there are the ups and down to racing and travelling but the locations and stops we made along far surpass the lows...

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Jane Channell • August 1, 2017

Total Reload — An Inside Look by a Customer

Here at PVL HQ, we are loving your feedback on our recently rebranded product line. Here we have an honest insight from our customer, Marten, about how he uses PVL TOTAL RELOAD to recover from his workouts — thank you Marten, and keep them coming guys!

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PURE VITA LABS Staff • June 13, 2017

Top 5 ESSENTIAL Supplements for an OCR Athlete

Without a doubt, real food is always the answer. However, consuming adequate calories and nutrition through real food can be difficult for an OCR athlete, as our sport is both aerobically and anaerobically demanding. That's why a proper supplementation protocol can be such a big help.

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Josh Stryde • March 16, 2017


Hey everyone! As you can see we have an all new look, all new website, all new roster, all new PVL! To say we are excited is an understatement. We worked very hard to make the changes we wanted to make in order to bring you the new PVL line. Designed for athletes, by athletes.

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PURE VITA LABS Staff • January 2, 2017